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Quick fun facts about me:

My name is Sierra Mafield, and I’m 20 years old. 🙂

I’m an Ohio native (with a bit of Californian) turned Pennsylvanian turned back to Ohioan.

I’m addicted to coffee, I’m obsessed with my planner, and I’m a big advocate for mental health.

What is my website all about?

I aim to help other women in their early 20’s manage their mental health. I’ve learned to manage my anxiety and depression through my love of planning, organizing, and stationary, and I think other people can, too!

How can you trust me?

Anxiety has followed me my entire life. For most of it, I didn’t have an “official” diagnosis, and I thought what I was going through was normal. I finally realized in my first year of college that I needed to find a way to manage it.

My depression also got bad in October of 2017. It caused me to feel the worst I’ve ever felt in my life. There’s more on that story here. I had to get through that rough patch really quick, and I used my planner to get there.

I’ve always been a planner, but when I started using The Happy Planner, I swear my life changed for the better, lol. I’ve developed a lot of techniques to use it to help me manage my mental health and I think it’s a fantastic method. It’s also just really cute, so check it out on my Instagram.

What can you expect from me?

Here, I’ll be giving you all kinds of tips and advice to help you find solutions to your anxiety and mental health through the planner that you’re probably already using!

I’m here to provide you with the information I had to discover on my own. We’re a team, here!

I post once a week on Wednesdays, offer freebies (like the one below!), and send exclusive content to my email list (so yeah, you should definitely join.)

I also dish out fresh plates of honesty, sarcasm and explanation points.

Be sure to check out my latest post here

Talk soon, and let’s plan to be friends!

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