Does this sound like you?

You have a burning desire to wake up every morning feeling excited about your day, but instead you're nervous and anxious about facing what's ahead of you.

You want to know exactly how to overcome stress and anxiety when it arrives, but you find yourself getting overwhelmed by daily, every day life and not knowing what to do.

You really want to have an understanding about why your anxiety shows up, but the answer isn't coming to you and you're tired of feeling anxious without reason.

You'd love to love yourself again but feeling anxious and stressed all the time is making that pretty hard.

You know that self-care could do wonders for your anxiety and you want to use it, but it hasn't really worked that well and you don't know why. 

You just want answers on how to get rid of your anxiety, so you've Googled every suggestion out there only to find that those don't help you either.

Ultimately, you want to move on with your life and feel postively for more than a split second and start living again without anxiety being in control.


That's me!

Let me ask you....what would it be like for you to: Wake up every day ready to kill it and be productive without worrying about anything? Have the ability to keep anxiety away from your life and manage it like a champion? Know exactly how to practice self-care so that it actually helps you feel better when anxiety does pop up? Know exactly why you feel how you feel and use that power to move forward with your life? Completely love yourself for who you are (even with your anxiety)? Understand what works for you to manage anxiety and stop scrounging the internet for answers? Handle every stress in life with grace and no longer feel overwhelmed by your every day? Have a personalized system for managing anxiety and stress in your life?

It's all possible with 12 weeks spent with me in this program.

Trust me, I know what it's like to:  


Feel lost and not in control of the thoughts that run through my head

Be worried about something all the time and not being able to actually get a break

Feel hopeless about being able to change anxiety and live life joyfully  

But I also know what it's like to:

Wake up every day with a clear mind

Have a plan that really works to calm my anxiety when it does come up

Handle stressful situations that used to make me cry and feel incredibly overwhelmed

Face my anxiety head on without feeling overwhelmed about how to do it

Feel purely, truly happy for extended periods of time without anxiety interrupting

Are you ready to have that, too?

Here is what's included in the 12 Week Anxiety Mentoring Program:

  •  One 90-minute video call at the beginning to establish your starting point and set goals for the duration of the program
  •  Six 45-60 minute biweekly video calls
  •  Recordings and typed, detailed notes of each call delivered to you
  •  Monday - Friday email support

During the program, you and I will come up with a personalized, detailed and complete system that works for you in managing anxiety through 6 sections:

  •  Overcoming in-the-moment anxiety in a personalized way
  •  Establishing healthy habits that improve how anxiety affects you
  •  Managing anxiety as it pops up in every day, regular life situations
  •  Learning effective self-care that actually helps you feel better
  •  Understanding your negative thoughts and moving past them to get back to loving yourself, despite having anxiety
  •  Maintaining a positive mindset as you move forward with your life

It's your time. Are you ready to:

Start all of your days with a clear plan of action and not wake up immediately stressed?

Ditch the anxiety that crops up over your every day life and be able to handle daily stress like never before?

Stop feeling like anxiety is controlling you and start controlling anxiety?

Get ahead of your anxiety and stress so you can see them coming a mile away?

Know how you can practice self-care and feel amazing afterward?

Feel positive on a daily basis and feel like there's nothing that can take that joy away from you?

Hey there - I'm your mentor, Sierra

Planning for Positivity Workbook

I'm like you. I've had anxiety for my entire life.

For the bigger part of my life, it controlled me. I thought that what I was going through was just something I had to accept.


Over the past couple of years, I did something about it.

I put in a crap ton of work and slowly figured out how to manage anxiety all by myself. But it took me years.

I don't want that for you. I don't want you to suffer with anxiety in silence or force yourself through years of work like I did just to overcome it.

It can happen in 12 weeks. 

I built my years of experience into this program so I can mentor other amazing women like you on how to manage anxiety in a personalized, effective way.

It's time to stop waiting years for the solution to arrive - take action with me over a short 12 weeks so we can change your life together.


  •  What happens after I apply?

Once you complete your application, you'll receive an email from me asking you to schedule a 30-60 minute phone call. During this phone call, we will simply discuss the program and see if it is a good fit for you. You get a chance to get to know me and vice versa, and you can ask me any questions you might have!

  •  Is the phone call with you free?

Yes!! The initial phone call after you apply is not a part of the paid program, and it's 100% free! It's available for both you and me to gather information and have a conversation. No charge to worry about!

  •  How much is this program?

I only discuss the price of the program with you at the end of our phone call if you find that you truly want to be a part of it. I want you to join only if you're truly, 100% committed to it, so I save the conversation of price for those who are ready to dedicate and invest in themselves!

  •  Is this a group program or one-on-one?

This is a one-on-one program. While I do have multiple clients, none of your information will be shared with them. You get dedicated time with me all to yourself!

  •  How is this program different?

I teach from experience. I struggled with anxiety for my entire life, so I am not teaching something that I've read out of a book. I know the ups and downs of anxiety, the hardships, and the journey it takes to get to living joyfully. All of the strategies I'll be helping you with are ones that I've tried myself. My goal is to provide you with a system for managing anxiety that is personalized to you, so you don't have to worry about trying a "cookie-cutter" method that doesn't actually work.

  •  When does it start and end?

It starts when you want it to! After you decide to join the program, you'll schedule an onboarding call with me to go over your starting point and goals for the program. Within a week, you will schedule your first biweekly call. The program ends 12 weeks after that date.

  •  Are you a doctor?

No. This program is called mentoring for a reason, as I am not a medical professional in any way. I will not be giving you any medical advice during the program at all. You are encouraged throughout the entire duration of the program to seek professional, medical care if you feel you need to. I cannot provide that service to you.

Other qestions? Email me at