Sierra Mafield

Are you practicing self-care still don't think it's truly working?'re researching all the self-care ideas out there on the Internet.'re trying out all the things that everyone and their mother is telling you to try.

But you're still not feelin' happier.

It's because your self-care isn't completely personalized to you and your needs.

It's time to try something different! (Keep reading, yo!)

14 Day Self-Care Challenge

Get your copy of the 14 Day Self-Care Challenge!

In it, you will get:

  •  14 days of prompts that guide you in creating acts of self-care that work for you, but are still categorized so you aren't floundering around!
  •  No more "go get your nails done!" or "take a bath!" YOU choose how you practice self-care, so you're getting a complete idea of what makes you feel better without it feeling fake.
  •  Spaces for you to journal each day and reflect on the act of self-care and how it affected you - that way, you're getting a complete picture of what you're doing.
  •  No exact timeline to follow - do it in the next 14 days, or spread it out a bit! It's self-paced, so do it in the way that makes you feel most comfortable. 

Start practicing self-care that is actually effective and make it work for you!

Okay I'm ready!

Sierra Mafield | Copyright 2019