WOW. I am so excited you’re reading this.

Truly…I’m thrilled that you’re so interested in this business that you’re here to read all about it. 🙂

I like to give the members of this amazing community complete transparency when it comes to my life and my business. I don’t sugarcoat things, and I definitely don’t hide.

With that being said, I’m sharing with you the whole history of this business with you here. Why? Because it’s all relevant. It all leads up to what I’m doing now. It ALL leads to me sharing this desire to make a massive impact with you.

I truly hope you read all the way through this, and resonate with the message. I hope that you feel a burning desire in your gut to participate in this mission and start making a bigger impact than just yourself like I do.

You reading this right now tells me that you’re ready to. So keep reading. 🙂

Let’s start at the beginning and bring everyone up to speed, shall we?

My Business Journey Up Until This Point

I started this website as nothing but a blog. I thought that maybe I could make a few bucks from affiliate marketing (that was quite a massive learning curve.) But ultimately, I wanted to help other women of the world with something that had damaged me to my core nearly a year before.

In the fall of 2017, I had some of the hardest few months I’ve ever experienced. With crushing anxiety and depression that almost had me failing college, I struggled to manage my mental health.

Over months of therapy, medication, and working through a LOT of shit, I got better.

In June 2018, I launched my blog so I could help other women with their mental health. And that would have been pretty nice, except that I also added two other categories into the mix that, looking back, made no sense.

I was also writing about college and organization. I was offering advice on college (which I was seriously unqualified to give, by the way) and showing off my experience with using a planner that I do still believe helped me with my mental health.

Big shout out to you if you’ve been around since the beginning. Wow, what a time it has been, lol!

In September 2018, I left college so I could pursue online business full time. That decision was one of the best I’ve ever made. It brought me to where I am now! Writing this post. 🙂

I quickly stopped talking about college since I wasn’t even IN it NOR had I graduated. I kept trying to talk about mental health and planning/organization at the same time. It definitely wasn’t working.

At some point, I dropped the planning topic. Honestly, I don’t know when exactly that was, so you can imagine that it wasn’t that big of a deal. Into mental health coaching I went!

I stuck with that for a while. I was passionate about it, but I didn’t feel that passion all the way at the core of myself. Is it important to me? Yes. Does it have a major impact on my life? Duh. Do I want to keep spreading mental health awareness? Of course!

But it still didn’t feel *just* right for me.

Then in May 2019, I had a realization that what I wanted wasn’t to help women JUST manage their mental health, but to overcome it and find true joy like I had. After chatting with my internet best friend (shout out to you Katie!) I reworked things and labeled myself as a Happiness Coach.

I love that I call myself a Happiness Coach. Just hearing myself being called that makes me really, really freakin’ excited, haha!

Since then, I’ve been really confused on just WHAT Happiness Coaching means to me. I’ve been struggling to truly identify what it is that I want to teach. It was that true core of my business that has been missing.

That missing piece has caused me to change what I talk about every 3 seconds. I’ve changed my Instagram bio like 600 times. I’ve created 300 different freebies to match whatever I’m in the mood to talk about on a given day. Needless to say – it’s been confusing for my audience, too.

It eventually hit me that I’ve been pointing my arrows at the right dartboard, but I’ve been missing the bullseye. Literally ALL the stuff I’ve talked about in the last year (besides the college advice, we’re gonna leave that in the past) has been ON the board. But none of it has been *quite* center.

It just hit me like a freaking freight train what the bullseye is. And y’all – I’m so freaking excited to share it with you! 🙂

Sierra Mafield Business

What the Business Is All About

It finally clicked for me that the core message of this business needs to be what I find myself getting SUPER fired up about literally all the time.

You see, I have this whole philosophy on life and the world. It seems pretty obvious, but still.

I believe that the #1 solution to every single problem we have in the world, no matter what it is, is kindness. Pure, unfiltered kindness.

No matter what the problem is, I believe that on SOME level, kindness can solve it. And through an INSANE amount of kindness, we can make the world a happier place to live in.

I believe that so much that I go on full-blown rants about this like every single day. I mean, I can “rant” about a LOT of things, but this is… different. When I talk about this topic, I feel it resonating all the way into my bones. It hits me in the deepest parts of who I am.

This is what I talk to my boyfriend about when he’s trying to play his video games and gets distracted and, admittedly, a little irritated because I’m so fired up that I don’t know how to shut up.

This is what I talk about to my mom on the phone until 12:30 in the morning about because I feel like I just need SOMEONE to resonate with me.

This is the message that hits me every single time I see anything bad happening in the world EVER.

Here’s the thing, guys: we live in a world that holds comparison, division, hatred, and violence on a higher pedestal than genuine kindness. It is one of the biggest disappointments of our time.

Truth be told: I’m nervous to write that. I’m nervous because there’s probably someone out there who disagrees. Someone out there who disagrees so much that they will go out of the way to personally attack me and try to make themselves and their opinions superior.

And that is a perfect example of how such comparison, division, hatred and violence is spread. Those things are found in the world in big ways AND small ways. Those things are a disease that has taken a hold of the entire world.

The worst part? The damage that’s been done is going to take MUCH longer to reverse than it has to be inflicted.

But I’m not about to let time stand in the way of what I believe. I still believe that kindness can fix ALL of it. I believe that with a fuck ton of hard work, dedication, and self-discipline from people, we can reverse the damage that’s been done.

So I’m on a big, grand mission to make the world a better place to live in. I’m on a big, grand mission to show the world that true, genuine kindness can be the solution we’ve all be missing.

I’m tired of seeing people fighting and literally killing each other. I’m tired of watching everyone point fingers at other people and shout about why they’re better and more superior. I’m tired of seeing news of yet another person killing themselves. I’m tired of war being a regular standard in this society.

I’m tired of living in a world where kindness is a rarity.

It’s time to make a big change. Massive, drastic changes that can finally save the world from itself.

This business is my way of making an impact on the world that is much bigger than, and will run much deeper than, just myself.

So let us all welcome: Sierra Mafield, Kindness Coach, Rock-Star-Do-Gooding-Queen. 🙂 (Don’t you just LOVE the sound of Kindness Coach? It rings like a perfectly tuned bell.)

My Personal Journey Behind This Core Message

I know what you might be thinking:

“Okay, Sierra, that’s cool, but where does this philosophy of yours come from?”

Truthfully, it comes from a lot of places. From where I have seen kindness from others, where I have not, when I have gone through the hardest times in life, and where I have seen the impact of my own kindness on others.

I grew up in a poor household. My mom was raising two of my brothers and me in a small town. When I was a kid, I didn’t really know the depth of our situation, but looking back, it was intense.

I truly am lucky to have a mom that fought so hard for us and made sure that, despite all the hardships we went through during that time, I had a good childhood. (Hi mom! I know you’re probs tearing up reading that! I love you! You’re my bestie, lol!)

There’s this infamous story in our family that happened at Christmas. Our church at the time knew we were struggling. They got a bunch of people in the community together, and they went and bought presents for us kids to wake up to on Christmas Day.

I tear up every time my mom tells me this story because she says that, when they dropped everything off at the house, she just stood and sobbed. Filled with shock and gratitude. I’m literally tearing up writing it right now.

It was a relatively easy act of kindness on their behalf, but it gave me one of the best Christmases I’ve ever had in my life. It relieved my mom of us asking her, “Did we get anything this year?” I’m sure it gave my mom hope knowing that her kids would have some pretty big ass smiles on their faces on Christmas.

And the church did NOT have to do that for us. But they did anyway. That act of kindness was powerful, and still affects me to this day!

When I was 10 years old, I lost my oldest brother, Shawn, to suicide. It took me years to process his death, and it has always rattled me to my core.

I learned a lot from his passing. I learned about grief, and I learned what it feels like to permanently have a piece of your heart missing. I learned what it feels like to have something happen to you that you always think, “That could never happen to me.” I learned about what kind of pain could drive someone to suicide.

But I also learned about what it means to help someone NOT commit suicide. About what I can do to help someone eliminate that type of pain. About being there for other people. About support.

About what effect some radical acts of kindness can have on a person.

Shawn’s death changed me. In SO many ways. But it also gave me a framework for this philosophy on life, and I think of him every single day that I try to live my life through kindness.

I’ve had plenty of other experiences that all collide into this big concept.

When I moved states right before 6th grade, a girl gave me a seat in her friend group and made me feel less alone in a school where I knew no one. That girl was my best friend for years. The kindness that she showed me on the first day of 6th grade made the changes in my world a little easier to get through. (Big shout out to you, Haven, if you’re reading this. I appreciate your friendship more than you know, even now.)

In that same school, I had lots of people make fun of me. I have this big, goofy, crooked smile that kids in middle school turn into the main topic of negative conversation. I gained experience in what it feels like to have groups of people treat you like crap for reasons entirely out of your control.

For the record, I STILL have that same smile, and no, I’m not getting braces. I love what it looks like. I know what it feels like to love who I am without being perfect.

Sierra Mafield Business

My childhood best friends that I’m STILL very close to 15 years later, are Christian, and I am not. I have seen what it’s like to have very different perspectives on life, and still treat one another with respect. To love each other. To laugh together. To not let the differences in our religion tear our relationship apart.

I can see how much happier a random stranger gets when I give them a compliment. I have seen how relieved a homeless man on the street is when I speak to him like he’s a human being, and not a speck on the ground. I have witnessed the wave of gratitude that someone has when they tell me something hard and I simply say, “I’m here for you.”

Those are just a tiny fraction of all the things I want to teach you, too.

Core Values and Concepts of the Business

Now that I’ve laid everything out for you (I don’t think I’ve EVER written this much!), I want to make sure that everyone is on the same page with my business.

There’s some core values of this business that I want to maintain. This goes for everything! All the content I put out, what I share of others’ content, how I talk, who I work with…I want it all to round back to these values.

Sharing them with you here is also a way for me to keep myself accountable and make sure I’m not straying too far away!

Value #1: Kindness (obviously)

I feel like this doesn’t need explaining. (If it does, go read the ENTIRE REST of this post, lol.)

But ultimately, I want to spread kindness to the world AND to myself as much as possible. Trust me – it’s harder than it sounds! It’s a daily practice. It’s a skill that you have to continuously develop. But it’s always worth it.

Value #2: Happiness

Like I said earlier, I want to use kindness to make the world a happier place to live in, and to help you make your own mind and body a happier place to be a part of.

Happiness involves a lot of things. It’s gratitude, acceptance, optimism, balance and playfulness. It’s all encompassing. Both for ourselves and how we treat others.

If we lose sight of what happiness means, we don’t know what we’re working towards. What’s the point of kindness if not to make the world a happier place?

Value #3: Growth

I believe that showcasing kindness is the ultimate form of self-discipline and personal development. It takes practice! It all requires you to grow as a person.

You need to grow in order to understand other people and see them with empathy. You need to grow to move past your own shi*t and spread kindness anyway.

And growth is good! Growth shouldn’t be viewed with negative eyes. It can be an absolutely beautiful, incredible thing. I think it’s time we embrace it.

Value #4: Passion

Listen folks – I LOVE passion. I NEED passion. It is my blood. (Actually that’s coffee, but you get the point.)

Without my passion for this topic, we wouldn’t be here writing and reading this right now! I think the biggest impact anyone can make on the world comes from a deep sense of passion.

Without passion, you lose motivation, hope, and a reason to keep fighting through the hard times. Passion means having ambition, a vision for the future, providing inspiring content for the world, being dedicated, and having a sense of wonder.

I want to inject all of those things into this business and into the future of the world.

What I Hope to Achieve with This Business

I’m an ambitious person, so the truth to this is that I want to achieve ALL THE THINGS.

I want to spread love, light and hope into the world. I want to give people a reason to be hopeful about the future of the world around them. I want to make people feel like they have a reason to stay breathing.

I want to see the world make drastic changes and stop using violence, hatred, comparison and division as weapons.

I want this business to give me the chance to leave a lasting impact on the world that will last much longer than my lifetime alone.

Sierra Mafield Business

Kindness doesn’t require perfection

I want to leave you with one last point about all of this.

Yes, I am over here preaching about kindness, but I am not a perfect person. Not by any means. I am not what someone might assume I should be if I’m talking about kindness.

I have a mean streak in me. I have to work every single day to tame it, and sometimes I fail. If you make me mad, I can be *quite* the bitch right back to you. I swear like a sailor. I’m not religious. Sometimes I roll my eyes at people when I think they’re acting stupid. I can’t say I’ve never said some pretty judge-y things about others. I might be the most stubborn person I know. I punch people on the arm when they’re annoying me or teasing me. I am sarcastic as all hell. I am not perfect.

But practicing kindness doesn’t mean you’re perfect. It means that you keep trying. It means that you keep working. It means that day in and day out, you learn from your mistakes. You keep pushing, growing, and improving.

Together, I know that we can make this world a much happier place to be a part of.

Sending positivity to wherever you are in the world,