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Self-care is officially taking the world by storm. And good thing too! Self-care is so incredibly important. Having an arsenal of self-care ideas is an amazing tool to have to get through everything from simple issues to things that impact your life in a major way.

And self-care isn’t just for the people that have mental illnesses, either. Everybody goes through something, not matter how small. Having the ability to take care of yourself through those situations is vital. You don’t have to be diagnosed with an illness to have reason to do that!

Sometimes the only hard part is coming up with things that actually help. Everyone’s self-care is different, and your routine should definitely be personalized to your needs. Below I’ve compiled a list of any and all ideas that I could come up with. They could be used just to relax, get through an anxiety attack, find motivation or find peace with a long term issue.

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Some ideas will work for you, and some won’t. Deciding on which things to include in your routine is entirely up to you!

Here it goes (in no particular order)!

  1. Buy or make a hot drink like a latte, or hot chocolate
  2. Brush your hair
  3. Listen to music that puts you in a good mood
  4. Make your bed
  5. Take three deep breaths
  6. Eat some ice cream
  7. Do your makeup
  8. Wash your face (this is the wash I’ve been loving recently)
  9. Purposefully take a break from work or school if you’re in the middle of it
  10. Eat some fruit or a salad
  11. Do some jumping jacks
  12. Blast a song and dance it out
  13. Read a book
  14. Take a nap
  15. Write in your journal
  16. Call someone important to you
  17. Watch a funny movie
  18. Watch funny videos on YouTube (cat videos are my personal favorite)
  19. Work out
  20. Do a brain dump and write down everything you can think of
  21. Make a craft
  22. Take a bubble bath
  23. Play with your pets
  24. Make a good breakfast
  25. Do yoga or Pilates
  26. Clean your room
  27. Start and completely finish a load of laundry
  28. Try a new hairstyle
  29. Go for a walk
  30. Watch an episode of your favorite show
  31. Get one of those adult coloring books and color (or a kids book, honestly those are more fun)
  32. Draw
  33. Paint
  34. Go on Pinterest and search something you really like or dream about (hairstyles, your wedding, etc)
  35. Call a friend and see if they want to hang out
  36. Reorganize your desk
  37. Sort through your clothes and donate some
  38. Make a new outfit from old clothes
  39. Go yard sale-ing
  40. Find a new piece of music to practice
  41. Take a long, hot shower
  42. Drink a glass of water
  43. Write a letter to someone
  44. Play a video game
  45. Use your phone and practice your (possibly imaginary) photography skills
  46. Go outside for a few minutes and breathe in the fresh air
  47. Put social media away for a few hours
  48. Start writing a story
  49. Hug your favorite stuffed animal
  50. Drink a glass of wine
  51. Do a face mask
  52. Go through old photos and look back at memories
  53. Wake up early
  54. Go to bed early
  55. Change the sheets on your bed
  56. Make a list of your goals (short term and long term) and how you can achieve them
  57. Go shopping
  58. Knit
  59. Go out at night and look at the stars
  60. Go for a run
  61. Try something new that you’ve always wanted to but never have
  62. Make a list of something (bucket list, books to read, movies to watch, grocery list, anything!)
  63. Go hiking
  64. And finally, allow yourself to feel anything you need to, but make sure to pick yourself up afterward

64 Self-Care Ideas

Finding your own self-care routine is imperative to fuel yourself in a healthy way every day. Hopefully you find inspiration in the ideas above!

And if you’re ready to take your self-care to the next level and REALLY make it work for you, check this out!

Do you have any more ideas? I’d LOVE to hear them – tell me in the comments!

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