Do you know how one day you could be feeling super awesome and the next day that feeling just goes away and you’re like, “Wtf how do I keep this positive mindset going?!?”

I feel you there, girl.

It takes a crap ton of effort to create a positive mindset and attitude. But sometimes that mindset goes away really quick and you find yourself in a bad mood again.

That sort of situation makes it difficult to see the point in working hard to be positive over and over again.

I can stand here and tell you time and time again that the hard work IS worth it, but I know that’s not why you’re reading this right now!

You’re here because you want to know how to keep a positive mindset once you reach it because you want to wake up every day feeling super good!

There’s 5 things you can do literally today to keep your positive mindset and continue being in a good mood tomorrow. 🙂

Journal About It

If you’ve read anything I’ve ever posted anywhere on the internet (if not – welcome!), you’ve heard me talk about using a journal. And it’s because journaling is amazing!!

I write in my journal every single day and it gives me so much clarity on my emotions and helps get them out of my head.

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And I recommend that you don’t just use your journal when you’re feeling down. Write in it when you’re actually feeling super good, too!

Writing about your positive mindset and attitude will help instill it into your brain. You know when your grade school teachers would make you write a sentence like 50 times for detention to get you to remember it?

That’s the kind of technique I’m talking about here!

It’s one thing to be in a good mood and think happy thoughts for a time, but it’s another to find a way to instill it like those sentences from grade school!

You should write down how positive you’re feeling right now, what exact thoughts are going through your head and how you got to that space.

Having all of that written in your journal is also a fantastic way to look back on it when you’re not in a good mood. If you end up having a bad day, you can read those pages and have a reminder of how and why you were in a good mood before!

How to Keep a Positive Mindset Once You've Achieved It

Make a Vision Board

I’ve seen soooooooo many amazing vision boards and I think they are so fantastic!!

The beauty of vision boards (in my not-so-humble opinion) is that you can design them to be whatever you want them to be. They can be used to inspire you to accomplish your goals, bring you joy just looking at it, or inspire you to live your dream life.

Or you can make one that only has pics of puppies and kittens. (Only me? Okay.)

The point is that there is no better time than when you’re feeling super happy and positive to make a vision board!

Take advantage of the happy mood you’re in and create something that will inspire you the next time you’re not feeling so hot.

Hang your vision board up where you’ll see it all the time so it’s always in your sights! It’ll be hard to not think positive when you see it and the thought processes you had while creating it will pop into your head again to boost your mood!

Check out this post from Elizabeth Rider to get inspired on how to create a vision board!

Pinterest is also a fantastic place to get ideas so definitely go there if you’re feeling stuck with the process.

Use Your Positive Mindset to Try Something New or Go to a New Place

New things = new experiences = positive vibes into your life.

That puts it into one simple equation. But let’s talk about this a little bit!

New things are really good for your brain. Like super good! Trying different things and going to different places will help your brain thrive and stay positive.

When we’re feeling down, I think we all have a tendency to not want to do anything, stay at home, and stick to our simplest routines.

For me, I typically don’t like going anywhere outside of the house or doing anything even remotely exciting when my depression is intense or I’m in a really bad mood.

So when I AM feeling good and positive, I try and get myself to do something fairly new or go on a little adventure around my town so I can get my gears movin’!

Some things you could try *literally today* are:

  • draw and/or paint
  • go for a hike
  • try a new instrument
  • ask your friends if they’ve been to any new, cool places and check them out
  • meditate
  • take your dog for a walk in a park

If you go out of your way to do something new, your brain will thank you and the chances of falling into a negative zone afterward will minimize.

How to Keep Your Positive Mindset After You've Achieved It

Clean & Organize Your Space

What does a negative mindset love to be surrounded by?

A negative space.

And no, I’m not talking about the fancy-photography-flatlay-style negative space. I’m talking about a negative-looking space.

You know the one – it has papers and unopened mail all over the place, dirty dishes, used post-it notes and old receipts laying around everywhere.

Trust me. Your negative thinking is living its best life when you’re surrounded by that space. It’s time to change it!

When you’re feeling positive, take 5 or 10 minutes and straighten up the area where you work (aka your desk or counter) and where you spend most of your time (living room, kitchen, whatever space that is for you!)

You’ll feel SO much better when those spaces are clear of clutter, and it’ll be easy to wake up the next day and the next feeling good because you’re not surrounded by chaos.

For me, I need my desk to be clean so I can work on my business productively, I need the kitchen sink to be clear of dishes to really enjoy making food and the bathroom counter needs to be clear when I get ready in the morning.

If those spaces aren’t clean, it’s harder for me to think happy and start my day off on the right foot. And the first 20-30 minutes of my day can play a HUGE factor in how I view the rest of it!

The spaces where you live and work are your spaces, so make sure that they’re working for you, too!

Review What Got You to the Positive Mindset and Implement It Into your Routine

What better way to stay positive than having a good understanding of how you got there and repeating it?

Seriously! I want you to take some time to go into detail with yourself and figure out what exactly helped you reach your positive mindset and write it down.

Grab your favorite kind of paper (maybe I’m the only one who likes paper enough to have a favorite kind…I don’t know lol) and think about what things you’ve done recently that have been different, if there’s someone different you’ve been spending time with or a new habit you’ve started implementing.

Once you’ve determined what has helped you get to your positive space, come up with simple and easy ideas to add those into your daily and/or weekly routine!

Some ideas are:

  • calling a friend at least once a week because they really know how to make you laugh and enjoy life
  • waking up a half an hour earlier than usual because you get a better head start on your day
  • meditating a couple of times a week because it gives you a really positive outlook on your future

There’s seriously nothing better than adding simple, positive things into your routine because they’ll cause you to feel more positive on a consistent basis and then you’ll be *golden*!

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And now you know how to keep your positive mindset so it doesn’t always seem out of reach!

Isn’t that super exciting?! Positivity doesn’t have to be impossible to achieve. Try out these tips and let me know how they work for you in the comments below! (And if you have any other tips, drop those down below too!)

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