You know that feeling when you’re just bored with life, going about your day to day life and suddenly you realize that you feel stagnant? Like your life has put the brakes on and you’re not going anywhere? It’s a sucky feeling to go through, but it’s time we get you to stop feeling stuck with your life!

I think everyone goes through a period of time when they feel like they like they’re just stuck. Sometimes it’s hard to see the path that will take you from where you are to where you want to be!

But stuck feelings aren’t ones that you want to keep around forever. They only hold you back from living your happiest life! So I wanted to give you 8 tips on how to stop feeling stuck.

Everyone deserves to live their life as happily as possible. Let’s get rid of those stagnant feelings together!

Make a vision board

Ahhhh, vision boards. I love ’em! The first time I ever made a “real” vision board was in late 2017 when I started going to therapy.

My first therapist had a really cool area in the office where we could sit down and make any type of art. They had everything there for free, and we could make whatever we wanted!

One day, I just sat for a while with a blank canvas, a bunch of magazines, scissors and glue and made a big collage of things that felt inspiring to me at that time!

I actually never even finished that vision board or took it home (that’s a whole other story lol), but I remember that I felt this new hope within myself after making it.

It was like I could see myself moving past all the trauma that I was working through at the time and feeling happy on the other side of it. If I had kept that vision board, I would have had that imagery in front of me at all times!

If you’re feeling stuck, creating a vision board can help you fully visualize what you’re trying to get “unstuck” from and inspire you to make it happen!

You could even make a digital one, where you just Photoshop images together to keep as a desktop background or the background on your phone!

The point is that you keep it somewhere you’ll see it at all times. That way you’ll never forget what your dream life looks like and you’ll feel motivated to make it happen!

Take some sort of course to learn something new (or just research on your own!)

I think people underestimate the power of learning. It’s really an amazing tool to keep doing ALL the time!

Seriously, learning is just for school. I believe that you should strive to learn something new every single day. That doesn’t mean taking some sort of massive course every single day – it could just be learning a random fun fact!

But learning something new opens your eyes to new perspectives and different opportunities in life. Think about that one thing you learned about in grade school that made you suddenly see that you wanted to do that thing for the rest of your life! If you hadn’t learned that one thing, then you might not have ever seen what you wanted to do.

If you’re feeling stuck in the same spot, it doesn’t help not learning anything new because you aren’t seeing any new paths to follow!

I recommend you try to learn something new every single day. Simply Google a random thought you might have to see what you can learn!

If you want to take that to the next level, you could even try out an online course! There are a BILLION courses out there, so you can definitely find something! Again – just try Google. 🙂

There are online courses on nearly every topic you can imagine. Most of them are paid, but they can be really amazing for you!

How to Stop Feeling Stuck in Your Life

Go on an adventure outside

You know how people always say they get their greatest ideas in the shower? (Which is very true, by the way.)

I think taking some time in the outdoors does the same thing.

There’s just something so refreshing about taking the time to be outside and adventure around! And I’m not just talking about the actual fresh air, lol.

Being outside takes your brain to different ways of thinking and allows you to open your mind to new ideas! There’s always something so adventurous about being outside (especially if it’s in heavy nature like the woods or hiking!)

Being in that adventurous state gets your brain to think differently. Sometimes that different thinking is all you need to stop feeling stuck in life!

And anyway, being outside is healthy for you no matter what. You should do it.

Practice gratitude

A huge cause of feeling stuck in life is because you forget to see how amazing where you are right now IS!

Just by going through life in general, you have improved yourself, learned new things, accomplished things, and had a lot of success! There is a TON of stuff in that journey to be grateful for!

Feeling stuck is a negative feeling. Negative feelings bounce off of each other. If all you can think about is negative things about where you are right now, the feeling of being stuck will only be more prominent in your life!

You need to practice gratitude for where you are. Think about every little detail, big or small, about where you are RIGHT NOW and feel gracious for it!

When you feel grateful, you’ll stop feeling stuck. Instead, you’ll have thoughts of “look how far I’ve come,” “wow this journey has been amazing” and “I have a lot of awesomeness around me right now!”

You don’t feel stuck in a world that you feel happy to be in. It’s that simple!

Check out this post by Kirsten Simon on how to take practicing gratitude to the next level! (It’s a good one!)

Rearrange your apartment and/or furniture

I used to do this all the dang time when I was a kid, and lemme tell you – it was always amazing.

If you’re feeling stuck and stagnant with where you are in life right now, then a great way to counteract that feeling is to move everything around you. That way, everything around you isn’t also stuck.

It’s like hitting a simple refresh button! You get a new start in a new space that feels totally different for you. Those “unstuck” feelings you’ll get from simply moving furniture can easily spread into other aspects of your life!

I’ve actually been considering doing this for a while. I’ve been thinking about moving my desk from my livingroom and upstairs into my bedroom! I think the change in scenery and space will boost my motivation and my desire to get things done!


Okay, I will admit that I’m very new to meditation. But, from what I’ve experienced of it so far, it freaking rocks, people. ROCKS.

Personally, meditation has so far helped me clear my head of all of the “thought clutter” and get a clear path into what I’m truly thinking and dealing with.

Sometimes, the feeling of being stuck has to do with underlying thoughts that you’re struggling with. If you can uncover all the noise to get to those thoughts and start working through them, then you’ll eventually stop feeling stuck.

And like I said, I’m still very new to meditation and I use all guided meditations. (I’m no expert in this field!) I use an app called Insight Timer that has LOADS of free, guided meditations of different categories and times. It’s a really great tool! Check it out here. (That is not sponsored. I just really like the app, lol.)

How to Stop Feeling Stuck In Your Life

Do one thing that’s totally different than what you normally do

What better way to feel unstuck than to just do something completely out of the ordinary?

As much as you may or may not like it, humans are naturally attuned to routine. People love consistency. Some people strive on it better than others, but as a basic level, we all want some sort of routine in some aspect of our lives.

If you’re feeling stuck in your life, a big reason might be because you’re doing the same thing over and over again, without changing it up. As much as I advocate for having routine in some aspects of life (like in the morning, for example), it’s important to spice things up once in a while!

It doesn’t have to be something totally nuts like skydiving or bungee jumping (unless that’s your thing…I can’t relate, though.)

It could just be going hiking, bowling, reading…whatever it is that you don’t normally do!

Journal through your emotions

I’m convinced now that every single post I have includes something about writing in a journal. It’s just so GOOD!

If you’re struggling with feeling like you’re stuck in life, you need to write all about those feelings! Getting them out on paper is 100% one the most beneficial ways to get through those things.

The thing about your thoughts and emotions is that they get lost under other thoughts. You have to uncover those thoughts to be able to work through them.

When you’re trying to just go about life without getting to those base-level emotions, you’ll never solve the issue!

Journaling is your answer, girlfriend. And if you want some prompts to help you start this process, check this out.

There are ways to stop feeling stuck! You just have to keep pushing forward through it.

You can get through this icky, “stuck” feeling!! Use these 8 tips to get yourself back on track and living your happiest life!

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