If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on Instagram for any amount of time, you know how much I love routines and systems. Would you think it’s any different for the morning?! Absolutely not! A morning routine will help anxiety so much more than you might realize!

I’ve been a routine lover for as long as I can remember. Honestly, though, I never really got the chance to make an A+ morning routine until I moved into my own apartment and had the ability to make my own rules. (Sounds cheesy, I know lol but it’s true!)

But it’s been magical since then!

I’ve figured out the top 5 main reasons as to why a morning routine will help anxiety in your life. It’s time you try them out and establish a morning routine for yourself. 🙂

1. It Gives You a System to Calm Your Anxious Mind

Look: anxiety LOVES chaos.

What does anxiety make you feel like? It makes you feel like your head is swimming. Anxiety latches onto you when you don’t have any control in your mindset. 

But a routine is the exact opposite! It will be THE THING that gives you the control in your mindset.

Not every routine has to be the exact same for everyone; it shouldn’t be! But just the idea of having a system that is similar every single morning is incredibly powerful.

There will be a subtle shift in your mindset that basically tells anxiety to kick it to the curb when you have a daily system.

I can’t tell you enough how important systems and routines are in order to help you control your anxiety.

5 Reasons that Morning Routines Will Help Anxiety

2. Morning Light is Good for the Soul

Okay, I know this kinda sounds religious (fun fact: I’m agnostic) but it’s not meant to sound like that, lol.

I try my hardest to wake up every day by 7:30. It doesn’t really always work that way, but I do really try. My point, though, is that seeing the light super early before it becomes a burning fireball in the sky is absolutely amazing.

It just reminds me how good it is to be alive and to get to witness the beauty of early light or even (if I’m up early enough) the change from dark to light. There’s really something beautiful about seeing the power of nature.

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We all know that nature in general is good for changing bad moods, your mindset and your overall well-being. Why not implement that into your morning routine? 

It also is really great to see the change from night to day because it gets your brain into “start-of-day” mode. This will tell your anxiety that you know it’s time to get started with your day and anxiety has no room to get in the way of that!

3. It Gives You Time to be Alone and Quiet

This kinda relates to the chaos vs system, once again.

Personally, my anxiety has an advantage over me if I immediately wake up to having to be around people and noise. It’s like I don’t have a moment to gather myself for the day and I have to jump into the mode of being social. And that just doesn’t work for me!

I seriously recommend you wake up a little before anyone else in your household (and if you live with yourself, you are golden!) You will have a little bit of time to wake your mind up in a slow manner. Again, it’s all about having control of the situation and your day.

Another advantage is that if you do struggle with anxiety right when you wake up, you can be alone during that time and it’s SO helpful! No one knows your mind and your anxiety better than you do, so use the morning silence to manage it.

4. You Can Set Up Your Planner for the Day

YAY! This is definitely my favorite reason in this post. If you haven’t already noticed, I LOVE planning! (Um, and if you haven’t, check this out.)

I always write in my planner for the day ahead. It’s incredibly helpful to get all my thoughts in order and to know exactly what I need to concentrate on.

This method tells my anxiety that those only a certain list of things that I can put my mind on for the day. There’s no time to worry about every single thing all at once. In turn, I end up actually getting more done.

You know how anxiety makes you worry about all the things all at once and then you don’t any of it done because you started worrying about the next thing before you got the first thing done? 

Using a planner will stop that from happening. If you lay out what you want your day to look like right at the beginning, anxiety doesn’t have a chance to distract you.

I mean, GUYS. This is what my blog is literally all about. If I haven’t convinced you of the power of organization and planning with mental health management yet, then you need to send me an email or something lol.

5. A Morning Routine is an Overall Positive Start

I know you know what I’m talking about when you wake up into a mess and have no plan and sh*t hits the fan.

I know you know, lol.

But a morning routine will help anxiety because routines set you up for an amazingly positive day! You will get the early sunshine, the quiet before the storm, and the chance to figure out what you want your day to look like.

Here’s the thing, folks: no one else decides what your day is going to be like besides you. YOU set the tone! If you wake up with anxiety, it’s entirely up to you if it controls you the rest of the day. The choice is yours if your day will be good or bad. The positivity needs to be felt from the very beginning if you want it to stay the whole day.

And a morning routine will 1000% help you do that! You have 24 hours in a day. Take the first hour or two to make the rest of them really good.

Need some extra tips to have a positive day? Find them below!

5 Reasons that a Morning Routine Will Help Anxiety

Now you know that a morning routine will help anxiety! 

I want you to take the things you’ve learned in this post and try them out. I can’t emphasize enough how much impact it will have on your day. Stop anxiety from the very start! Make a morning routine.

Comment down below what your favorite thing to include in your morning routine is. I’d love to know!

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