5 Awesome Ways You Can Track Important Daily Habits

5 Awesome Ways You Can Track Important Daily Habits

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Are you the person that wants to consistently practice really good daily habits, but you always find yourself getting off track?

Because SAME. I’ve been there.

Trying to implement new daily habits (or ones that you’ve been trying to implement for a while) can be nearly impossible when you have no way to track them to see your progress. Seeing progress is essential!

Where do you find motivation to keep maintaining your daily habits? If you don’t know how you’ve been doing (and seeing that you’re crushing it!) then you might not have the inspiration to keep going.

I wanted to give you some tools that you can try out to help you keep track of those daily habits. When I started using these, I noticed an immediate difference in how consistently I was able to implement them. It’s time to try them out for yourself!

#1. Adding Monthly or Weekly Habit Trackers to Your Planner

This is by far my most favorite way of tracking daily habits. I use this method all the time in my planner!

If you don’t know how to make a habit tracker, you basically just make a little chart that has a square for each day that you do that habit. (That’s the highly abbreviated version, lol.)

Psst… You can pick up your template for a Habit Tracker (+ a Year in Pixels template!) down below. 🙂

When I add habit trackers to my planner in a weekly format, it’s really easy! I just write down the habit, like “drink 3 bottles of water.” Below that, I literally draw 7 little squares, and check them off as I do that habit throughout the week!

This method is so effective because you can see how you’re maintaining your habits over time! Maybe you’re like me and you really suck at drinking water, lol, so if you can literally see that in your habit trackers, it’ll motivate you to try harder!

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You can also use your habit trackers to review how your daily habits relate to your schedule, how you’re feeling, or your surroundings.

When I add a monthly habit tracker to my Happy Planner, I use these notes pages, by the way! They are the perfect style to make drawing a habit tracker SUPER easy!

5 Awesome Ways to Track Important Daily Habits

#2. Add Individual Checkboxes to Every Single Day

This is essentially just a nice alternative to the habit trackers!

You simply add a checkbox for every habit that you want to keep track of in every single day of your planner. This might seem repetitive, but if it works, you should do it!

Sometimes, adding extra pages to your planner can just be overwhelming, so this is a really great way to make tracking daily habits seem less daunting.

I think this a great option if you are trying to add a new habit into your lifestyle. The checkbox makes it feel like more of a to-do, and not just something you can randomly mark down if you do it!

For example, if you’re trying to wake up earlier consistently, you’re also probably adding a significant effort into doing that! That checkbox in your planner will make you want to wake up earlier so you can check it off. 

It’s a different feeling if you have a habit tracker that you simply just mark down if you woke up earlier. Tell yourself to do it! 

There’s a lot of power in a simple checkbox, y’all, lol!

#3. Add a Habit Tracker App to Your Phone

This for all you digital planners out there!

I will admit that I’ve never personally used a digital habit tracker because I’m a pen-to-paper gal through and through.

But I also understand that some of you just don’t organize on paper, and that’s totally okay!

I found a lot of really great options for habit tracker apps that you can download for free! (Note that I have an iPhone, so I don’t know if these apps translate over to Android exactly. But I’m sure there are options, there, too!)

I have 2 particular favorites that I think look the most beneficial.

  • Done: A Simple Habit Tracker

This app looks so bomb.com I might honestly download it myself! Just kidding…I really am all about that paper, lol!

But it helps you set goals with your habit tracking, see trends over time, and even sends you reminders about whatever habits you’re tracking!

I love that this app has more than just ‘adding your habits’ and being done – it helps you really see the benefits and changes you’re accomplishing with your daily habits!

  • Strides

The elements in this app are closely related to the Done app, but that’s why I like it so much! I’m really into not only tracking your habits, but analyzing them over time!

The app comes with ways to remind yourself of the habits you’re tracking, set amazing goals for yourself and see checklists for what you’re trying to achieve!

On a side note, this app is a bit less colorful than Done, so if you’re into muted tones, then this app is for you!

5 Awesome Ways to Track Important Daily Habits

The best part about having habit trackers on your phone is that you can check in with them wherever you are and at whatever time! You don’t need to be at your desk with your planner open to remember that you have habits to track. I think that’s pretty amazing!

#4. Hang a Tracker on Your Wall or Add It to Your Cork Board

This method is a super easy way for you to keep reminders of your daily habits literally directly in front of your face. Lol.

But seriously – what’s a better reminder than to be seeing them at all times?!

You can easily draw out a calendar on a piece of paper, add a checkbox to each habit to each day (like we talked about earlier!) and then hang it up on your wall with some washi tape! If you don’t know about washi tape, it’s amazing decorative tape that you can put on your wall and it removes without any residue or marks *heart eyes emoji*

If you want to get a little fancier, you can go out and buy a little calendar to hang on your wall and add the checkboxes then! That method will cut out some of the DIY work for you.

You can put this calendar on the wall above your desk, on a cork board, on the fridge…anywhere!

Add it somewhere that you see all the time and that will always remind you of your daily habits!

#5. Draw a Calendar on a Dry Erase Board

Finally, this method is pretty similar to the one above, but it’s just another alternative!

You can get one of those little cheap-y dry erase boards from Wal-Mart for like $4. Hang it on your fridge (or be like me circa 2012-2015 and hang it on your bedroom door.)

It’s the same process: draw a calendar, add checkboxes, and go throughout your day!

I love dry erase boards because you can see them literally all the time. I have two in my apartment that I use so Alex and I can be on the same page with our schedules and budget.

Why not use one for yourself to track your daily habits? Seriously! 

If you wanted to take it up one more level, get one of the dry erase boards that is already a calendar and just fill in the days each month. They are a bit pricier, but they work!

Now You Can Track Daily Habits Like a Champion!

There are a lot of ways you can track things, and choosing your way really depends on the style that works best for you and your lifestyle! Make sure you pick a method that’s going to be easiest for you to see and remember, and you’ll be tracking those daily habits like you never have before!

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Which method for tracking daily habits do you think will work best for you? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Eril

    I use the Strides app and personally like how I can track up to 7 habits for free and the reminders can be customizable 🙂 I’ve experimented with other apps and am still a fan of pen and paper for habit tracking, but the app is a good supplement ^_^ Great post, Sierra! I’m loving your consistent content ~

    Eril | erilm.com

    • Sierra

      Girl SAME, I need the pen and paper forever, lol! But I’m also SO glad to see there are digital options cuz not everyone likes paper planning. Thanks for reading!! 🙂

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