The Planning for Positivity Workbook:

How to Manage Anxiety, Overwhelm, and Stress by Using Your Planner 

You have been dealing with anxiety or high stress, and you're convinced you've tried out everything to manage it.

You've Googled, researched, and have read the same techniques again and again, but you still feel swallowed up by anxiety.

You know that stress is a part of life, but you also know that it shouldn't be overwhelming you like it is now.

You're desperate to get rid of the overwhelm and get back to living life normally.

You're ready to try anything to manage all of your anxiety and have a clear head again.

You're tired of anxiety and stress knocking all the motivation out of you to get things on your to-do list crossed off.

You're sick of your racing, never-ending thoughts making you feel like you have no control over your own life.

You're done with letting anxiety and stress stop you from going after the dream life you've always wanted.

It's time to try out something new.

Welcome the Planning for Positivity Workbook into your life!

Get a full, in-depth understanding of how your planner will have a dramatic effect on how much stress and anxiety control your life.

You're already using a planner of some sort, right? Now you just need to add to it in simple ways that are super effective.

Get an explanation of every single technique in the Workbook.

Trust me, I won't just give you the strategies and leave you hanging. The Workbook will explain exactly how to use every single strategy and how to implement it into your planner. No more trying to figure out how to manage stress on your own.

You'll get templates and diagrams that you can add to your planner immediately.

Take the hard work out of trying to set up your planner with these strategies, and add them right away! You'll be on your way to getting your anxiety under control within minutes, instead of months.

AND you will recieve TWO bonuses that will make the process of easing your stress even quicker.

Bonus #1

Planning for Positivity Weekly Planner Layout

Maybe you don't own a planner, or you're just not sure where to start. This one-page layout will give you the basis of what you should include in a planner each week to get you on your way to controlling your anxiety.

Bonus #2:

Planning for Positivity 30-Days of Journaling Prompts

One of the strategies I teach in Planning for Positivity is journaling. These prompts will guide you along what you should think about as you journal and provide you with a deeper understanding of your emotions. 

Are you ready to transform the way anxiety and stress affect your life? 

The Planning for Positivity Workbook is $10 USD.

Get it NOW! 

*Note that due to the digital nature of this product, refunds are unavailable.*