Ahhhh, happiness. It seems to be the one question on everyone’s mind at all times: “How can I be happier?!”

Truthfully, there’s about a billion different answers to this question. And the reason why is because a) happiness means different things to different people and b) there are different levels of happiness.

There’s surface level happiness and then there’s true, deep happiness. And both types of happiness are completely valid. In this post (and episode!) we are talking about the surface level happiness.

Now, I believe in playing the long-game when it comes to happiness and finding it from deep within yourself from the very beginning. However, sometimes finding solutions for your surface level happiness is what you need.

Life can throw things your way, and you need some methods that will help boost your mood in the moment – and I totally get that. Even though I try to make myself happy in a very deep way, I still need some things that will simply make me happier as soon as possible sometimes.

So I have 8 things that I want to share with you today so that you can very quickly and easily boost up your mood and be happier for the day. That way, you can move on from the negativity in your head a lot faster!

Set aside 10 minutes to do something only for you

This seems so obvious, right? And yet…it’s still constantly forgotten.

Giving yourself some love, some rest and a well-deserved break each and every day is super important if you want to be happier.

Without doing so, you’re only setting yourself up for burnout and running out of energy to keep going at all. Not only that, but your mind, body and energetic soul need time to recuperate. Without that time, you are more prone to having a negative mindset.

So you need to ask yourself, “What is one of my favorite hobbies? What is something that relaxes me? How can I ease any negative energy inside of my head? What is my favorite way to practice self-care?”

Find something that answers at least one of those questions, and set aside 10 minutes TODAY so that you can do it.

No distractions. No one else around you. Nothing else that would make the experience even a little bit un-enjoyable. This is your time! And I know you might be thinking, “But Sierra! I have things to do and a life and people to care about that need me!”

Listen: it’s only 10 minutes. Anything that isn’t an immediate emergency can wait 10 minutes. You deserve those 10 minutes to yourself – don’t put them off.

The best way to do this is to actually have a self-care routine. With a routine, you can implement those 10 minutes a day into every single day and it won’t feel like such a hassle.

Check out how to to make a self-care routine that actually works right here.

Clean up your space

Okay…I know we all know this already, but clutter is the freaking worst! I mean, it’s ugly to look at and it can definitely make your apartment seem like not the best place to hang out, but…

Even more than that. It can make all the negativity you’re having in your brain feel even worse. I like to think of negative energy and emotions as simply a big ‘ole pile of mushy, alphabet soup. Alphabet soup that’s pretty much just chaos and clutter for your brain.

If your brain is filled with clutter, it’s going to feel right at home if everything else around it is ALSO filled with clutter. Are you seeing how this works, yet?

The negative thoughts in your head will feel like they belong and that gives them more power over you. It’s time to kick that to the curb.

Clean up the areas around you. It doesn’t have to be a major, spring clean. It can be simple! You just need to do something to get those messy areas around you a bit more organized and put together.

Some super easy, 10-minute things you can do are:

  • do the dishes
  • throw away any old mail or scrap paper you have sitting on your desk, kitchen counter or coffee table
  • make your bed
  • put away everything you used to get ready for the day this morning (aka get that bathroom counter cleaned up!)
  • organize all the random files you have on your computer into folders that actually make sense

By taking those 10 minutes to organize your apartment and your surroundings, you’re pushing those negative thoughts and emotions out of your brain and leaving room for positive ones. That is a great way to be happier.

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8 Ways to Be Happier Right Now

Do a random act of kindness

I know that this sounds a bit counter intuitive. But it’s gonna make sense (just give me a sec to explain, lol)

Helping other people in some way gives you an amazing boost of positivity into your system because of how the person you helped reacts.

Seeing the look of gratitude, joy or even calmness come across their face when you do a random act of kindness for them is absolutely incredible. There’s simply no way that you can NOT feel good about it!

It’s inspiring and uplifting and it’s the exact sort of medicine you need if you want to be happier.

There’s all sorts of things you can do for a random act of kindness – and they don’t have to be a huge deal, either. Sometimes I think that the littlest things can make the biggest difference.

Simply give someone a compliment as you pass them by (hint: there’s a lot more about a person that you could compliment them on besides their clothes!), pick something up for someone if they drop it or even give them a random $5 if you’re really feeling spunky.

You have the option to do something really big if you want to, of course, but it’s entirely up to you!

The point is to truly help them in some way, make them feel good and see their reaction reflected back to you. You’d be surprised by how much some simple kindness towards others can do for you.

Listen to your favorite music and dance it out

I talk about dance parties literally all the freaking time and it’s because they are so amazing!

Moving your body is some way is always super helpful for making your mood better, but let’s be honest…some types of exercise just flat out suck. (Anyone else out there hate running?)

But dance parties? Oh no, man, they are SO FUN! And you don’t even have to be good at them. 🙂

There is just no possible way to not get a smile on your face when you dance your heart out. It gets your blood pumping and you’re listening to some good tunes that just make you want to sing along!

The key to dance parties is to listen to music that you really love – it wouldn’t be right if you try to listen to music that isn’t even in a genre that you enjoy. For example: I would never have a dance party of my own to country music. It’s not my jam and I can’t force it to be! I’d listen to some pop or indie music, personally.

And don’t forget – you can never be “bad” at dance parties. You can dance around in the goofiest way possible if it’s what you want to do. You don’t have to be a pro dancer – you just have to be willing to have some fun!

I can’t dance at all and I have dance parties literally every morning in my bathroom while I’m getting ready. Yes, if someone opened the door and found me, they would think I was a giant weirdo…BUT! I still do it because it makes me feel so good!

I even have a highlight on my Instagram that is dance parties only, so if you want to see some awkward dancing from my Stories to inspire you then I highly recommend you do it. 🙂

Chat with someone you miss

Here’s the thing about missing someone (that is still around):

If all you think about is how much you miss them and want to talk to them, but you still don’t talk to them….you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

Instead, take the time to actually talk with that person. (Again…it sounds so obvious, doesn’t it? And yet, so many of us still don’t do it!)

Take out your phone and give them a call. Or, if you’re like me, send a text message or write up an email. You could even send them a hand-written letter if you want to be romantic. (My boyfriend, Alex, and I actually did that when we were long distance even though we spoke on the phone literally every day, lol!)

No matter how you decide to do it, it’s important to simply just do it! Missing someone is another hard emotion to deal with along with any other ones that you have in your mind. I really encourage you to try and ease that pain and reach out to talk with whoever it is that you’re missing so much!

That way, you don’t have to wallow in how much you miss them and that source of negative energy in your life will go away a little bit and you’ll be happier than you were before!

8 Ways to Be Happier Right Now

Write about something that’s been on your mind or has been bothering you

It’s time to crack out the old journal again and get writing!

Bad moods don’t typically happen for no apparent reason – you need to identify what that reason is and then start working through the issue. And you can do that through writing it all out!

I believe that journaling is VERY therapeutic method to relieving negative emotions and thoughts.

When you write in all down in a journal (or a random notebook, or junk mail…whatever you choose) you are able to clearly see all of your thoughts.

Remember how earlier I mentioned the alphabet soup of thoughts? By journaling, you’re taking that alphabet soup out of your brain and onto paper. When it’s on paper, you can literally see all of it and then it’s WAY easier to organize and process!

Half the battle when you’re dealing with feeling unhappy is that you can’t keep your thoughts in check. They move so rapidly from one to the next that you can’t sort through them.

Journaling does the exact opposite. You get it all out of your system and then you can organize and work through what you wrote down. It makes it easier to manage the emotions and thoughts you’re feeling.

And you then don’t have to worry about it all being in your head. You can instead concentrate more on how to be happier!

By the way, if you’re looking more into journaling and how to actually use a journal the *right* way, read this.

Do one small thing that sets you in the direction of a big dream you have

Tell me: do you have a big, crazy dream for your life? If you said yes, here’s another question: is a dream all it is?

I know that dreams can always feel like they’re super far away and like you can’t possibly accomplish them. But when you keep a dream as ONLY a dream, it’s not helping you in any way!

You should use dreams to launch yourself into the happiest version of life you want and set goals that help you get there.

Use goal setting to figure out just one simple step you can take to get yourself to accomplish your big dream. When you look at your dream in the fullest picture, it can seem very daunting. And I totally understand that!

That’s why you need to start small. When you break down the biggest dream you have into smaller steps, it’s going to seem way more manageable and you’ll be more willing to put in the work it takes to get there!

And starting today, you need to figure out one, small, teensy-weeny step that you can take now to get closer to your dream.

For example: do you want to be a lawyer? Start researching schools that you can go to to get your law degree. (You could simply spend just half an hour doing that!)

Do you want to travel across Europe? Sit down with yourself now and budget out the funds so you can save up for the big trip.

It’s time to stop looking at your dreams and thinking to yourself, “I’ll never get there.” Figure out a small step that you can take RIGHT NOW and go for it!

When you start living out your dream, it boosts your overall happiness so much because you know you are going after something that you’ve always wanted. That’s a big deal!

Connect with someone else that can help you build a joyful life

Guys, if I’m being completely honest…I’m talking about myself at least a little bit here.

But this could mean anyone! You could connect with a friend, a family member, or even a therapist if you want to!

And just by reading this (or listening to the episode if that’s what you’re doing!) you are already starting to do that. You are connecting with me and my content, and everything I write is designed to help you live a happier life!

You can make those connections right away, too. It can be as simple as saying, “Hey!” You don’t have to wait to start feeling like your happiest self. Seriously.

The person that you connect with could simply be a friend that just makes you feel good to be around, or it could be about finding the person that will help you dig into deeper issues you might have.

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It’s truly up to you how you want to go about that. The entire point, though, is that you can make those connections and start that process now rather than later. That way, you’re on the right track to being happier!

Remember, you guys, you can start to feel happier with these 8 simple tricks!

Happiness is not out of your reach – I pinky promise. You just have to find the ways to create joy in your life and go after it relentlessly!

To finding more joy,

Sierra Mafield Blog