The conversation on suicide and its awareness is very limited, and it’s my goal with this episode to start to shed more light. I’ve been impacted by suicide in a major way in my life. Not only did it shape a lot of who I am and how I grew up, but it has a major effect on my life now as a mental health coach. The viewpoint I have is one that I think should be much more common. It’s time to stop holding back the conversation on suicide!

Show Notes:

  • Full explanation of my brother’s passing by suicide
  • Going through different stages of processing his death as I got older
  • Discussion on how there was nothing I could do to prevent him passing
  • How his death gave me the perspective that I need to spread kindness everywhere I go and to every person I meet
  • How important it is for everyone to be kind as much as possible
  • Tips for you on how to spread kindness and practice it every day
  • Challenging you to be kind as much as you possibly can


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