Are you a control freak?

Don’t worry if you say yes – you’re not alone! I’m a MAJOR control freak. I’ve had to learn how to grow out of that phase, but it’s taken a lot of work! Having such a strong desire for control in my life caused me to have gigantic amounts of anxiety because there wasn’t any way that I COULD control my entire life.

So if you find yourself having anxiety because sometimes life falls outside of your control, then this is the episode for you!

Life threw me a curve ball that lasted over a week, and it taught me a lot about being in control and having to just move forward with my life.

You can hear more about my lessons here and find out how you can let go of some of that control in YOUR life!

Show Notes:

  • Short discussion on my level of “control freak”
  • What happened that brought on this topic for the podcast
  • My schedule before this event happened
  • Discussion on what I was thinking when I decided to put all of that aside
  • Talking about why you need to let go of control in your life
  • Two ways that you can start to do that
  • How to change your plans when things fall out of your control

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