Have you ever set intentions before?

Goals are a hot topic of conversation, and that’s because they are incredibly useful and they definitely help you with mental health!

But goals and intentions are two different things. Goals, in my opinion, are centered around action steps that get you to a specific point, whereas intentions come from an emotional space.

Intentions are a very powerful tool (one that I personally just started using!) and I believe we could all use them to help manage anxiety and depression.

Show Notes:

  • A change of episode topics got me thinking about how I want to enjoy the content I put out
  • Listening to another podcast had me inspired to set intentions and setting the intentions created the topic for this episode
  • Explanation of how intentions gave me such a big boost of positive energy
  • Feeling like there’s just something “off”
  • How setting intentions gave me clarity on what was “off” and how to fix it
  • Figuring out how I’m feeling now and how I want to feel in the future
  • Being a goal-oriented person, I get really frustrated when my goals stray off of my set path and how that spikes my anxiety and depression
  • Setting intentions relieved that because I was concentrated on how I felt and not just on the action steps of my goals
  • Giving myself space to think about my emotions gave me an extra spark to improve my mental health
  • Encouraging you to also set intentions if you’ve been feeling “off” or are stuck in a mental health rut
  • Explaining my own intentions in three categories: self-improvement, business and overall health/wellness
  • Creating action steps after that to make the intentions you set a reality

Resources Mentioned:

Alex Beadon: alexbeadon.com and @alexbeadon on Instagram

Blog Post: Why You Need to Stop Holding in Your Emotions


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