Are you taking responsibility for your happiness and leaving negative situations behind?

Trust me – a lot of us aren’t.

So often, when you’re dealing with anxiety and/or depression, you have the mindset that you’re going to live your entire life swallowed in negativity.

As much as I understand that sort of mindset, it’s simply not true! Every single person on this earth deserves to be truly, deeply happy and that goes for those us with mental illness, too.

A part of feeling purely happy is learning how to let go of things in your life that have a negative effect on you. Those things could be a person, place or literally anything.

It’s super easy to let other people and aspects of your life affect you negatively simply because they are just a part of your life. But here’s the thing: you are in charge of your life, the things involved in your life, and how those things affect you.

It’s up to you to acknowledge when things and people are not longer bringing you joy. It’s up to you to cut those things out because you are in charge of your inner happiness!

In this episode, I talk about three situations in my life that I’ve gone through where I take responsibility for my own happiness and move forward in ways that set me on the pursuit of that joy.

After that, you’ll learn 2 ways that you can start cutting out the negativity in your life and move forward!


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