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Have you ever struggled with other people telling you how you should live your life, even when it’s not something you really align with? It’s a common problem!

But at the end of the day, it’s YOUR life. You should live it the way you want to. Life should be filled with what makes you the happiest. You should be able to know exactly how to achieve your dreams – and do all of that without the opinions of everyone around you.

The Effects From Other People on Your Happiness and Dreams

Happiness is a very personal thing. It means something different for everyone! (Check out this Instagram post to read more about what that means.)

With that comes the result that you might have an image in your mind of what happiness means for you that doesn’t match up to someone else’s.

The people that don’t agree with *your* definition of happiness could become the nay-sayers of your life. They might be the ones in the background that are telling you all sorts of negative things about what you might want out of life – simply because it’s different than their definition of happiness.

Pretty crappy, right? Yes, but…it happens all the time.

Other people tend to play a huge role in what you decide you want in life. And to some extent – that’s fine!

But I also hear my clients and people in my audience say things like, “I don’t know if I should XYZ because of what so-and-so will say or what so-and-so over there will think.”

And I’m just sitting here like…“WHY DOES THAT MATTER?!”

A gigantic reason why most people in the world never actually have what they want out of life is because they let everyone else tell them what they want, what they should do and who they should be.

Live Life the Way YOU Want!

Other people shouldn’t have such a strong say-so in what you do and what happiness means to you.

It’s my sincere belief that you should simply say a big ‘ole “Screw it!!” to anyone who says something against your ideal path in life. Negativity from others should never have a direct impact on what makes you happy.

Every single person deserves to live a life in a way that’s bigger than someone else’s expectations.

I want you to take a moment and ask yourself if you have EVER let someone else’s opinion on what you should do affect your happiness. Have you ever changed your mind about what you want simply because another person disagreed with you?

If you can answer yes to those questions, don’t feel bad. Even I can relate to that because it’s a VERY common thing to struggle with! But the reality is that you have just one life.

You have one life and it’s your responsibility to live it as happily as you possibly can. To live it the way YOU want to. One chance.

Why waste it on what other people might think about your definition of happiness?

I have 3 tips to share with you that will help you stop the effects of everyone else on your happiness and get on track to achieve your dreams!

Take Time to Reflect on Your Inner Self and Your Inner Dialogue

What I’ve started to notice over time is that most often, human beings take the opinions of others so seriously because they personally have a feeling of lack within themselves.

When I say lack, I mean a lack of confidence, lack of direction or a lack of focus.

If you are struggle with having laser focus and direction or you’re feeling a bit low on the self-confidence scale, you end up being much more susceptible to follow the whims of other people.

(Maybe that sounds a bit harsh, but hey! I’m all about sharing the real and the honest with you, here!)

What I recommend you do is grab a journal, a cup of coffee (or tea, if you’re one of *those* weirdos, lol!) find a quiet space and think about those things.

Ask yourself about how you feel in those different areas internally. Could you be falling for the opinions of other people? Are you focused in on your goals in life? How confident are you in yourself?

After you write about those and truly take some time to acknowledge them, you’ll feel stronger about standing up to other people that don’t align with your definition of happiness!

Pssstt…if you want to journal about this with guided prompts, look at this!

How to Achieve Your Dreams Without the Opinions of Other People

Set Boundaries with People

I have an episode that goes into a lot more detail about setting boundaries that you should listen to, but for now let’s just say that boundaries are ridiculously important!

If someone is saying something even remotely negative sounding about you and your dreams, you need to swiftly come to them and say, “No. We’re not having a conversation about this if you’re only going to be negative.”

And you leave it at that. You don’t have to answer questions about it. You don’t have to change your mind if they get upset. Ultimately, you don’t have to put up with their negativity. At all!

The most important thing is that you make those boundaries blatantly clear. Don’t let someone step over them easily. Those boundaries protect your energetic space and, ultimately, your happiness. Be the strongest guard of that you can be!

Find Ways to Get and Stay Inspired About What You Want

When you feel super inspired, it’s like absolutely nothing can stand in your way. For example:

Have you ever stayed up super late (maybe all night?!) doing something really fun or working on an exciting project? You just feel so motivated by it that the exhaustion doesn’t even bother you?!

That’s the kind of inspiration I’m talking about. You need to feel THAT inspired about your dreams and about your happiness all the time!

A great way to give yourself that kind of inspiration is to set intentions.

Intentions are a way for you to think about what your dream life looks like. When you think about that, it creates a visual inside of your head to always have.

Visuals are a very powerful tool! Without the visual of your dream happiness, you might find yourself floundering around without any direction or focus on what you want out of life (circling back to tip #1 right there!)

Without focus or inspiration, it’s easier to fall to the whims of other people. But again – it’s your life! Live it the way you want to.

Another fantastic thing to do is to turn that vision inside of your head into a real one you can look at all the time. You can create real vision boards (either physical or digital) with different images all collected together that describe the life you’re looking to live and inspire you to make it happen!

A different option is to write down all the aspects of your dream life onto individual post-it notes to hang all over the place. Having those little reminders around you all the time keeps you motivated to work towards them because you aren’t forgetting about them!

No matter what, you need to find ways to stay inspired to the fullest!

With that sort of inspiration inside of you, you’ll never have to deal with the negative energy of other people and their opinions about what you “should” do with your life. You’ll be so motivated to do your own thing!

How to Achieve Your Dreams Without the Opinions of Other People

Now You Know How to Achieve Your Dreams Without the Opinions of Everyone Else!

Your happiness and joy is one of the most important things you can work towards in life. At some point, you have to stop worrying about what other people think. Go after the life you want to have.

And now you know exactly how to achieve your dreams and not have to worry about any other people getting in the way!

What did you learn in this post? I’d love to know! Let’s chat about it down in the comments! 🙂

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