Do you struggle with waking up in a bad mood? Does that mood stay with you and inhibit your ability to have a positive day?

That’s a common struggle! A lot of people have troubles with changing their mood around. It’s easy to wake up feeling angry, upset or sad and stay feeling like. (Fun fact = negative emotions take a lot LESS work than positive ones.)

But the point is that you have to change it around to have a positive day. Your mood is ultimately your responsibility, so it’s absolutely necessary to change things. You deserve to feel happy and to have that positive day you keep dreaming about!

I have 9 tips for you to turn your day into a great, happy one and I’m really excited to share them with you!

They are all things that you can implement literally right now, too, so that makes them *extra* easy! Keep reading to change your day around as soon as possible. 🙂

Drink a Glass of Water

Water is literally everyone’s lifeline. It’s amazing! But think about it:

If you sleep for 8 (preferably, lol) hours, then that’s 8 hours of your body not taking in any water. That’s a lot of time for you to easily become very dehydrated!

When you’re dehydrated, you feel groggy, tired, and overall blah. You might even be feeling extra grumpy or wanting something fruity, if you’re anything like me, lol. (Dehydration cravings are a thing, right?)

Feeling groggy and fuzzy is not going to help you relieve your bad mood. Like I had said earlier, turning your mood around to a more positive one takes a bunch of work, and you don’t want to work if you feel tired and worn out.

It’s simple logic, really.

Not only that, but your body just needs water in general. You can’t function without water! You need it, yo. Drink up.

First thing in the morning, grab a glass of water and drink it ALL! It might be kinda hard to get that all down (I know it is for me still!) but it’s really helpful.

Once you have that water in your system, you’ll start to feel more awake and ready to tackle your day. It’ll be like your brain is suddenly alive with thought and your body won’t feel as tired.

Something that I like to do is get a glass of water and read my book before I ever get on my phone or drink coffee. If you are a coffee drinker like me, you NEED to drink water beforehand. Coffee dehydrates you! It’s unfortunate, really, but it is the truth.

Doing that in the morning is a great form of self-care for me, too. I admit that it doesn’t happen every single day. I’m not living a perfect life. But I can tell from experience that drinking water first thing really does wake me up and help me feel good.

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Open Your Curtains

Ahhhh, sunlight.

It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Well, maybe you don’t know if you have your curtains shut all day long. #throwingsassaroundlikeconfetti

But seriously. I don’t know what it is about getting a crap ton of sunlight streaming in through your windows, but it makes you feel so dang good.

The sun brings about natural positivity and it’s a very powerful thing! If you’re able to open any and all curtains in your apartment, I recommend you do so.

If you keep your curtains closed all day, it’s hard for your brain to jump into “starting the day” mode. Think about it – you keep your curtains shut at night (at least I do. I don’t want creepers, lol) and that forms a mood in your mind that curtains shut = night time = sleepy time.

When you open your curtains, your brain switches out of that thinking. You’ll feel suddenly more motivated to get started with your positive day and no longer be in such a crappy mood.

And to top it off, you’ll save some money on your electric bill when you don’t have to have every single light in the house on. LOL. (But seriously, save that money!)

Move Your Body in Some Way

What is one the top times in all of history that you are going to feel the crappiest? It’s when you’re stuck on the couch, un-moving and being lazy.

I’m not saying that being lazy is a totally bad thing. It does have its perks! And once in a while, it’s necessary. I get that.

However, if you’re trying to get out of the bad mood you woke up in, staying still on the couch or in bed is not helpful.

I highly, highly, highly recommend that you get your body moving in some way. It doesn’t have to be a grand form of moving around, either. If you don’t want to do full workouts at the gym, then you don’t have to! I know that I am not about that life, lol.

You could do a simple, quick workout at home, go for a walk outside, do yoga or Pilates, or have dance parties! Dancing around in my bathroom is a daily ritual for me so I think that’s a great option.

When you get your blood moving around in some capacity, though, it makes you feel 10x more motivated to get started on your positive day! It wakes your body up and says, “Okay, we’re not in this lazy, bad mood anymore because we are up and MOVING!”

It only needs to take you 5 or 10 minutes. It’s really easy and it’s well worth the effort!

Get Dressed, Do Your Makeup and Your Hair

Things to Do in the Morning for a Positive Day

Seriously, girl. Get yourself dressed in grown-up clothes and get yourself lookin’ your best!

If you like to wear makeup, put that on. If doing your hair makes you feel fan-freaking-tastic, then do that.

Ultimately, you need to get ready for your day. That means something different for everyone. (For example, I never wear much makeup so that’s not important to me.) Whatever you do in the morning to make yourself feel like you’re actually starting your day – DO THAT.

It’s similar to what we talked about with the curtains. If you’re in your pajamas and your hair is a mess, your brain is in sleepy mode. It’s harder to think positive about your day because your brain isn’t even prepared to think at all.

Once you get ready to tackle your day, your brain will, once again, switch on to motivation and you’ll start your day.

Clear Out Any and All Clutter

This is one of my favorite analogies: anxiety is essentially just clutter for your brain.

Half the time when you wake up in a bad mood, it’s because your mind is riddled with anxiety, racing thoughts, and major worries. That’s no fun to deal with!

And you know what makes the clutter inside your brain feel worse? Dealing with clutter everywhere else around you, too.

When anxiety sees that everything else around you is messy, too, it feels right at home. It has a stronger chance of taking over. It’s harder to make it go away and have a positive day.

You need to get rid of all that clutter around you. It makes your brain feel worse and it’s also just really ugly to look at in general, let’s be honest.

You don’t need to deep clean by any means. You can de-clutter in just 5-10 minutes! Some things you can do are:

  • clean off your desk of scrap paper, dishes and put things where they go
  • do the dishes and empty that kitchen sink
  • clear off the kitchen counters
  • make sure your bathroom is neat and organized
  • make your bed
  • keep the top of your dresser clear

Those simple tasks will tone down the noise and clutter around you by A LOT.

Once you have a clear space to start your day with, it’ll feel like much less work to get going and your brain won’t have to fight as hard to make anxious thoughts go away!

Things to Do in the Morning for a Positive Day

Get the Gears in Your Brain Moving

So we’ve already been talking about this a little bit, but it’s still important to make this point!

You need to get your brain into actual thinking mode. Not just thinking about starting your day, but thinking about something in particular. AKA growing or learning in some capacity.

I know you may be thinking, “Sierra, are you saying you want me to take some sort of class right away in the morning?!”

No. I’m definitely not saying that. 8am’s were never my strong suit, lol.

You just need to think about something simple! And there are a ton of ways to do this. Personally, I read. Books could be fictional OR nonfictional. They just get my brain moving in some way because I have to think to read and take in what I’m reading.

For you, it could be something like quickly Googling an interesting little topic. You could play a mind game of some kind (Sudoku is personal fav of mine.)

Whatever it is you do, it just needs to get your brain thinking about something else other than your negative thoughts. If you’re forcing yourself to learn or use your brain in some way to understand what you’re doing, that’s easier.

It’s easier than trying to think positively in the moment when all you want to do is stay in the bad mood you woke up in. Your brain must be used in some way other than thinking about your negative thoughts, and that’s really useful!

Organize Your Thoughts and Establish a Purpose for Your Day

Purpose. I feel like purpose is some mysterious thing that so many of us know about but don’t *really* understand. Amiright?

But it’s not super hard. At least not in this particular instance. (If you want some help with finding your purpose, btw, check out Sheila Joy! I adore her and she is an amazing purpose coach!)

For right now, what I’m talking about is simply finding your purpose for the day. What is it exactly that you want to accomplish today? What are your goals? What’s most important to you for these next 24 hours?

A part of why you wake up in a bad mood is because you feel like your day is going to be a hodge-podge of randomness and you don’t feel like you have any direction. That’s a problem!

No matter what, you want to feel like you have a good idea of what’s going on for your day. It helps you feel like you can tackle more than just get out of bed!

I recommend that you grab a piece of paper, and jot down everything you’re thinking. Essentially, a brain dump! Brain dumps are an amazing tool because they get everything out of your head and onto something you can literally see!

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Once you have everything down, prioritize and categorize things in that list that are the most important for you for the day. What needs to get done? What theme can you bring together for the day to set a purpose?

It’s important to note that the point of this activity is NOT to take care of every single thing on your list, because that’s nearly impossible! You need to just pick out a few things and concentrate on those. That way your brain isn’t travelling at a million miles an hour and not getting anything done.

Some ideas for your daily purpose are:

  • running errands
  • getting the house clean
  • taking you time
  • working on a big project for work
  • spending time with people important to you
  • getting out into nature

Notice that not everything on that list is about getting something done. Your purpose for the day could be about simply doing nothing, because it’s still important to take care of yourself. Or maybe it IS about getting stuff done!

No matter what, you just need to have some kind of general idea of what will happen in your day.

When you do that, you’re no longer trying to swim through the overwhelming thoughts you have and are instead working through a small list of things that you know help you move forward through the day!

Practice Gratitude

Oh my lanta. Gratitude is stinkin’ amazing.

Gratitude is so helpful for helping you turn a bad mood into a positive day because it allows you to focus in on the good you have right now.

Oftentimes, your bad mood might be the cause of wishing that you were somewhere else, with someone else, doing something else, or had more. Gratitude essentially reverses that thinking.

It brings you back to center. To be grateful, you have to be able to think positive. There are about 800 million things in the world to be positive about, too, so there’s no shortage!

They could be big things or small things, and you should practice gratitude about every single one.

The next time you wake up in a bad mood, think about what you’re grateful for. Don’t give in to the negative thinking about what you don’t have. Personally, some things that I am grateful for every single morning are:

  • my body keeping me alive through the night
  • having warm blankets to keep me warm
  • not having nightmares or bad dreams
  • having a roof over my head so I didn’t get rained on
  • sleeping next to my boyfriend and my dog

That’s just a start! Remember that you can practice gratitude throughout your entire day inside of your head, but I also recommend that you write it down. Find a space in your journal (or maybe get a new one entirely if you want!) and write down 3-5 things you’re grateful for every single morning.

Practicing gratitude in that way instills it into your head more and has a longer, lasting effect!

For more gratitude tips, read this post from Kirsten of Freshly Undone – it’s awesome!

Things to Do in the Morning for a Positive Day

Forgive Yourself

I saved the possibly most important one for last. How often do you actually practice self-forgiveness?

I’m gonna go out on a *not so big* limb here and say not often. It’s not thought about enough! It’s a very, SUPER underrated form of self-care. But it is so incredibly important.

Can you think of the last time that you were in a bad mood? What caused it? Were some of the thoughts you had about you?

I used to struggle with this a lot. It still pops up for me from time to time! It’s normal. The easiest person to hold a grudge against is yourself.

But it’s time you let go of those grudges and forgive yourself because that could be the thing that holds you back from having a positive day.

Negative thinking about yourself doesn’t necessarily have to be anything big, either. It could be something simple like, “I didn’t go to bed early enough and now I’m really tired. It’s my own dumb fault.”

I know for me, the things that cause my bad moods in the mornings aren’t huge problems – they’re the little things that I just can’t seem to get over.

So if you struggle with those types of negative thoughts, big OR small, then you need to let go of them and forgive yourself. Say, “It’s okay! You’re allowed to make mistakes because today is a new day and I’m an ever-changing, ever-growing and ever-evolving person.”

Once you forgive yourself for so many of the things you’re struggling with, it’ll be easier to have a positive day and be in a good mood because you won’t be fighting against yourself.

It’s not an easy thing to do, and it will take time to actually see a change in how you think about yourself, but keep doing it and it will eventually stick!

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You now have 9 ways to have a more positive day!

Congrats – you just learned how to turn over a bad mood and get a good start on your day. You deserve to feel more positively, and these tips will give you a great start!

Do you have any other ideas? Comment them down below!

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