What does fulfilling your purpose really mean to you?

It sounds like a huge, dramatic concept that needs to be “lived up to” in life. But I’m here to tell you that that’s not the case!

At the end of the day, fulfilling your purpose is simply a form of happiness. And it’s an amazing one at that!

Happiness has a lot of different definitions. Each one is different for each person. That’s one of the beauties of happiness and joy! But a while ago, I posted an Instagram Story that made me realize a LOT about the way people perceive happiness. (Check out the “Types of Happiness” highlight to see what I’m talking about!)

So many people concentrate a LOT on daily, joy-to-joy happiness. And YES – that is incredibly important. If you’re not finding joy in little ways in your life, you’re simply waiting for happiness to fall into your lap, and that doesn’t work.

But the hard part about that is when you’re using the “small, daily joys” method as your ONLY way to be happy.

Because that method is exhausting. It’s a way for you to keep battling day in and day out to feel joy and, let’s be real, guys: there are a lot of days in your life. Doing that over and over again is just tiring to even think about!

That is what inspired me to create this post (and podcast episode!) because I’m over here like, “Guys. There’s other ways to create joy in your life that you can use WITH your daily joy. And it’s awesome!”

Keep reading to learn more about what I mean. 🙂

What it means to connect your purpose to each day

Let’s start off by sharing what I believe my purpose is in life:

To be kind and to help the world and everyone in it as much as I possibly can.

It’s not the most specific purpose in the world. It’s pretty general to me, haha! I don’t think your purpose needs to be some grand, detailed scheme. It should be summed up into one sentence! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

My goal is to connect SOMETHING in every single one of my days to my overall purpose. Fulfilling my purpose isn’t a massive goal I’m hoping to achieve by the end of my life. A bunch of big AND small things connect to it all the time!

All the big goals and dreams I have in life ultimately connect into my purpose, but fulfilling my purpose isn’t the goal itself. I break down each of my huge goals into super small steps so I can work on them each day. And by doing THOSE things in each day, I’m in turn fulfilling my purpose!

If I don’t do something each day that immediately correlates to my big goals in life, I do something that connects to my purpose. (Note: I don’t spend every single waking moment of my life fulfilling my purpose. It’s just ONE thing each day that helps me do that.)

How fulfilling your purpose is a form of happiness

Here’s where this whole fulfilling your purpose thing comes into play, really.

All those small joys that you may or may not practice in life are really important, but that type of happiness is just not the same as the happiness you get from fulfilling your purpose.

Purpose brings you a connection to something bigger than just yourself. Purpose gives you some super DEEP-ROOTED joy that lasts a hell of a lot longer than all the small ways you practice being happy on a day-to-day basis.

Personally, I think when I’m laying on my death bed, the things that will stick out the most to me will be the ways I fulfilled my purpose. Not all the Marvel movies I went to see or the sunsets I watched (although those DO make me happy.)

It will be the stuff that connects me to something bigger than just myself and my own circumstances right in the moment.

Here’s a disclaimer about purpose and the idea of a “connection bigger than yourself,” though:

Fulfilling your purpose doesn’t have to be a religious concept

I’m gonna repeat this for a while. Fulfilling your purpose is NOT a religious concept!!

I am not religious myself. I was raised Christian, but that’s not the way I live now. And just we’re all on the same page – I have ZERO qualms about ANY religion. All are accepted around here, fam, not to worry. 🙂

But I think a lot of the time, people use the term purpose synonymous-ly with a “higher calling.” I don’t agree.

I don’t believe that your purpose is something that’s, like…gifted to you from a higher power. Again: if that’s what you believe, it’s all good, lol. It’s just that I believe that your purpose is something you can decide for yourself simply based on who you are at your core.

For example, the core of who I am is an emotionally sensitive, insanely empathetic person. I feel emotions VERY deeply and intensely, I feel for others, I can pick up on the energy of a person and a room easily, and I want to be there for others as much as I can.

Those core characteristics of mine have helped me see that my purpose is to simply be kind to others and help whenever and wherever I can.

Ultimately, purpose does not have to have any sort of connection to your religion. If you’re like me and you’re not religious, you can still have a purpose in life! It’s all about who you are at the end of the day.

That might be a bit of a side note, but I think it’s important to note that. 🙂

Why Fulfilling Your Purpose is Important for Your Happiness

You don’t have to make your purpose a big deal

I viewed my purpose like it was a massive thing in my life for a long time, and it definitely did more harm than good.

I think a lot of people go through this. Your purpose can seem like an overhanging cloud that should direct every single move you make and it can make you feel like shit if you don’t fulfill it.

But I promise you – it’s not that big of a deal. The more relaxed you can be about it, honestly, the more likely you are to fulfill it. No one likes to deal with stressful things, so the less stressful fulfilling your purpose can be for you, the better!

When I was in college, I wanted to use BOTH the majors I was in as means to fulfill my purpose. But the problem was that I was completely miserable in the programs!

I tried to convince myself that it was fine because, in the end, I would be able to do good things with my degree and it would make everything fine. That was me making a HUGE DEAL out of my purpose.

I finally realized that me being miserable while in school didn’t make the end goal any more fulfilling or better. The only thing I knew was that it sucked during the time I was in college.

Once I left college and dove all into my business, I saw that it was 1000x better to fulfill my purpose in a bunch of small ways NOW and be a lot happier while I was doing it!

I encourage you to stop viewing your purpose like it’s the biggest deal of your life. Stop looking at it like you’ll never be happy unless you fulfill it in some massive way. Stop thinking that everything in your life is leading up to the fulfillment of your purpose.

Let your purpose guide you. It can absolutely be the tool that sheds some light on your life. Let it be something you can work to fulfill each day and see how much happier you’ll be!

Like what you’ve read? Want to journal about YOUR purpose a little bit? Click here!

How will you fulfill your purpose today?

I would absolutely love to hear what you think your purpose in life is! Comment down below – and together we can brainstorm little ways you can fulfill your purpose today! 🙂

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