I recently put up this entire post about how kindness is the main topic of my new business direction. I have truly never ever felt so aligned and on fire with the topics I share, and that really excites me.

But what I realized among all this excitement about the new direction is that I need to get everyone on the same page.

I believe that kindness is the solution to every single problem we have in the world. No how big or small it is, kindness can fix it. And that’s super awesome and grand, but the thing about that is that it’s really easy to just SAY.

What are the real reasons why it can have such a massive impact? WHY do I believe that it can truly make a difference?

We need to talk about the importance of kindness in this world. When you can discuss the importance of something, it makes its need much more relevant and significant. People resonate with it more. People are much more willing to get behind that message WITH you.

That’s what I want to do with this post. I want to help you see just HOW important kindness is for the world and why we need to work on infusing it into everything we do right now.

It’s time we stop preaching about nothing or shooting fire out of our butts. We need to be real about why something is so significant in this life.

Keep reading to learn the top 4 reasons (let’s be honest – there are LOTS) why kindness is so important in this world and why we need to start spreading it way more NOW.

Kindness is the ultimate form of self-discipline and personal development

Do you want to know one of the main reasons why we see so much negativity, hate, and violence in the world?

It’s easy.

It’s easier to be mean to someone that it is to be kind. Humans are, at our core, lazy creatures. We tend to take the easy way out. We’re selfish. We do what’s easiest for us in the moment because that’s what we want *right now*.

It can be hard to accept that, but it’s the truth. But think about it!

It takes hard work to go out of your way to give someone a compliment. Looking at someone who’s different than you without judgement is harder than it is to make assumptions about their entire life.

Reminding someone of their worth is harder than it is to be selfish and only accept compliments given to YOU. It’s easier to punch someone that pissed you off in the face than it is to look at them and just walk away.

It’s easier to yell at someone about their faults than it is to accept that you might have some of your own. Yelling at someone in a fight is easier than it is to say, “Let’s just sit down and calmly talk about this.”

Negative energy is easy to spread. And the worst part about it is that humans have gotten lazier and lazier as time goes on. It just keeps getting worse. It’s almost like it’s turning into a epidemic.

Practicing kindness forces you to give yourself a whole new level of self-discipline. You have to control your impulses, put aside your selfish ways, and try to view people without judgement and with empathy. That’s freaking hard, you guys.

You have to understand your flaws and find ways to practice personal development. I believe that everyone should practice personal development in some way, shape or form. It’s invaluable!

If everyone pushes themselves to discipline who they are, even just a *little bit*, we will be headed for a much happier world to live in. And that’s really important!

People don’t push themselves or get motivated without reason, though. If you can see that kindness is one of the best reasons to go through personal development, then that just boosts the importance of being kind up tenfold.

The Importance of Kindness for Ourselves AND the World

It’s about more than just understanding yourself; it’s about self-kindness

Imagine a version of you where you’re not just sorta-kinda okay with who you are, but you’re actually in love with who you are and you are kind to yourself literally every single day.

That, right there, is pretty damn important if you ask me.

There’s a major difference between just understanding who you are (or maybe even less than that?) and truly LOVING who you are at your core. When you love something, you are kind to it.

Think about a dog. I don’t know about you, but I love literally every single dog I see. (Except maybe chihuahuas. Those things are the freaking worst, LOL.) And I want to give kindness to each and every one of them BECAUSE I love them so damn much!

The same concept applies to yourself. If you love yourself, you’ll be kind to yourself. If you’re kind to yourself first, you will also learn to love yourself. They can kinda go either way, but they’re both a part of the equation.

But at the end of the day, it’s about more than just looking at yourself in the mirror and saying, “Yep, okay, cool.” It’s about literally being like, “WOW LOOK AT THIS GODDESS I AM FREAKING AMAZING AND I LOVE THIS.”

That’s how you should be viewing yourself. With that sense of radical self-kindness.

Every single person in this entire world deserves to feel true love for themselves. I don’t care who you are. Your existence itself should be enough reason to be kind to yourself.

We are on a road to complete destruction if we don’t start being kind

Okay, allow me to first be clear: I’m not talking like, 2012, end of the world, the fault lines of the world opening up to suck us all into their pits…

I’m talking about reaching a point where the negative energy in the world will be so strong that we will literally never be able to go back and fix it.

We’re on a path. Overall, I’d say it’s pretty straight but we do still have a few opportunities to change direction. That change of direction would be the use of radical, nonstop kindness.

But our time is running out. The chances we have to fix things are quickly falling to the wayside. We have a lot built up to chance.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you if the “end” of this will be in 5 years, 50 years, or lifetimes long after mine is over. But I can tell you that we are on our way there. And when it really boils down to how long the earth has ALREADY existed….that’s not that long.

What I want you to do is imagine what kind of world you want to live in when you’re 85 years old and dying. What kind of world do you want your future generations to live in?

I don’t know about you, but I want to live in a much different place. I want my future children to grow up in a much different place.

The world is a scary place to be a part of right now. And, if we stick to the path we’re on, it’s only going to get worse. But right now, we still have some chances to fix it.

There is still time to throw kindness around like it’s a never-ending stream of confetti. Your confetti is right in your back pocket. Start using it today, and see the kind of impact it can have on tomorrow.

We are all united together in our humanity

Each and every one of us is different. There is not one of us that is the exact same to another person. But there IS one thing that unites us all together.

Our humanity. Our ability to be kind to one another.

It’s inside each and every one of us. Kindness is there. It might be hidden, but it’s definitely there. And it is the ONE thing that is similar in every single human on the entire planet.

But somehow, we have lost the ability to view other people WITH that humanity. In spite on the fact that it’s in all of us, we have totally stopped using it.

That is yet another reason why there’s so much negativity in the world. That’s why people bully. That is why we have a tendency to view other cultures different from us with immediate judgement. That’s why we point out the differences in each other constantly!

But kindness is the one thing that’s the same in every single one of us.

So truly, what I want you to do?

The next time you see someone different than you, don’t look at them with judgement. Don’t look at them and try to figure out how you can point out that they’re different from you. Don’t go out of your way to make a big deal out of it.

Just try to look at the person and think to yourself, “You know what? We’re different. That’s cool. But we’re both human beings. We’re both people that have humanity inside of ourselves. We’re not SO different, after all!”

The moment we all start seeing the connections we have to each other, rather than just the differences, the moment we’ll start to see some drastic change in the world that is so, completely necessary to see.

The Importance of Kindness for Ourselves AND the World

The importance of kindness is something to be acknowledged and used

Kindness should no longer just be some random thing you think about or just some random quote you find on Instagram or Pinterest. It should be your basis of living every single day. It should be what pushed you forward, and what you base all of your interactions with other people in.

We can absolutely change this world in a positive way with the power of kindness. We just have to realize how important it is, and then start using it.

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