Sierra Mafield

Random Acts of Kindness 5-Day Challenge

Ready to spread kindness in the easiest way possible? know that kindness is important. know that the world could use more light and love.

But you constantly think to yourself, "What impact could *I* even have?" 

The impact could be massive, girlfriend. Trust me.

Join the 5-Day Random Acts of Kindness Challenge:

One email sent to you each day that tells you *exactly* what Random Act of Kindness you need to do! (And they're super easy - no pressure at all!)

Kindness doesn't have to be super hard. You can fulfill that desire inside of you to make an impact on the world, and all the work will be done super easily FOR you.

It's time to stop thinking that you can't make a difference in the world. Join the Random Act of Kindness Challenge now so YOU can see just what kind of impact you could make with just five small acts.

Get ready.

I'm ready!

Sierra Mafield | Copyright 2019