Sierra Mafield

The Joy Life Journals

Ready to take your happiness journey to the next level?'re listening to the podcast (or reading the blog posts!) want to take all the things you learn in the show and actually apply them to your own life.

But you're not sure where to start!

Don't you worry, girl - you got me on your side! 

Get The Joy Life Journals:

Weekly emails sent straight to your inbox that include 3-5 journal prompts related to that week's podcast episode!

(+ access to a Google Doc that includes EVERY SINGLE previous prompt that you can reference for FOREVER!)

Implement what you learn in the podcast into your own life so you can improve your happiness journey

Have the opportunity to better your journaling practice (or simply start!)

Better yourself, learn more about your thoughts and emotions, and start creating that joy!!

YAS this sounds amazing!

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